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Schematic Design

During schematic design Summit Facade will assist the architect and the design team in establishing the performance criteria of the façade. This will include evaluation of the design options that could prevents surprises in the later phase of the design such as when features or visual elements are “discovered” to be unworkable or cost prohibitive. With our input, these issues are addressed before the design evolves too far.

  •         Review of architectural drawings focusing on the constructability of the façade intent

  •         Review of wind tunnel test report or local wind code

  •         Review of the façade modulation in relation to available materials

  •         Review of the façade design options

  •         Proposed façade system design intent

  •         Schematic design report

Design Development

At this stage Summit Facade will developed façade design details incorporating all design aspects, this includes local code requirements, thermal requirements, structural integrity, air and water infiltration requirement, smoke and fire stop, integration of building maintenance restrain, consideration of façade lightning protection and integration of façade lighting.

  •          Façade system design details

  •          Façade system budgetary cost

  •          Outline façade specification

  •          Design Development report

Construction Documents

Summit Facade will prepare a set of construction documents of the façade to be use for bidding and contract documents. This includes façade system details of each wall types, technical performance specification and mockup scope. Summit facade will coordinate with the design team to insure that all requirements are considered in the documents package. The CD set will have adequate information covering the façade scope and performance.

  •          Façade system design details package

  •          Façade technical performance specification

  •          Performance Mockup scope

  •          Construction document report

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