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Construction Documents

Summit Facade will prepare a set of construction documents of the façade to be use for bidding and contract documents. This includes façade system details of each wall types, technical performance specification and mockup scope. Summit Facade will coordinate with the design team to ensure that all requirements are considered in the documents package. The CD set will have adequate information covering the façade scope and performance.

  •          Façade system design details package

  •          Façade technical performance specification

  •          Performance Mockup scope

  •          Construction document report


Summit Facade will assist the owner and the bidding team in selecting the capable and appropriate façade contractor for the project. Summit Facade will provide technical assessment during prequalification of bidder and will review the technical documents submitted by bidders in relation with the contract documents, Summit Facade will participate in the technical tender interview to verify the bidders understanding of the project.

  •          Instruction to bidders

  •          Technical prequalification review

  •          List Technical queries

  •          Technical evaluation report

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