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Drafting Services

Summit Facade is on the forefront of building facade engineering application of BIM software, allowing our Clients to comply with current project BIM requirements. Summit Facade's application of BIM includes clash detection between facade elements and surrounding construction, and overall coordination between the structure and other trades. We can also translate the 3D facade system detailing into part fabrication drawings for manufacturing applications.

Summit Facade utilizes the following software for 3D services:

  •          AutoCad 3D

  •          Revit Architecture

  •          Revit Structure

  •          Inventor

Thermal Simulation Modeling Services

Summit Facade offers thermal modeling and analysis services to building facade system manufacturers and subcontractors during system design development and technical submission phases. We also offer these services to Architects and Construction Managers to define design parameters during project documentation phases, for LEED® certification purposes or to diagnose condensation/frost formation after facade system installation. In addition to providing basic thermal services using Therm and Window, Summit Facade CDC can provide more advanced analyses using the ANSYS family of software packages.

Summit Facade will perform:

Computer Thermal Simulation, via

  •          Window 6 Center of Glass

  •          Therm 6 Frame and Glazing

  •          WUFI Pro 4 Vapor Transmission

  •          ANSYS FLUENT Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

LEED® Accredited Professionals

Thermal Stress Analysis

  •          Glass

  •          Stone

  •          Framing

  •          Sealant Joints

Window 6 / Therm 6 Software

  •          Overall Thermal Transmittance (U Factor) per NFRC 100 Procedures

  •          Overall Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) per NFRC 200 Procedures

  •          Overall Visible Transmittance (VT) per NFRC 200 Procedures

  •          Simulated Condensation Resistance Factor (CRF) per AAMA 1503 Procedures

  •          Simulated Condensation Resistance Values (CR) per NFRC 500 Procedures

  •          Dew Point Analysis

  •          Predict reduction in whole building energy use due to façade renovations

WUFI Software

  •          Calculates moisture movement within opaque wall assemblies

  •          Analyzes proper vapor barrier type and location

  •          Predicts the probability of germination of mold spores


  •          Combines heat transfer and fluid flow in a powerful 3-D simulation package

  •          Advanced computational methods for solving a wide variety of convection and radiation problems.

Building Envelope Condition Survey Services

Summit Façade performs condition surveys to establish ongoing serviceability of existing building envelopes. We are experienced in evaluating all types and ages of facades, from those that are historically significant, to ones that are recently completed.

Evaluates the condition of the exterior building enclosure, via:

  •          Observation from the ground, from aerial personnel lifts (provided by others), and/or from accessible roof levels.

  •          Review of existing Architectural drawings and shop drawing documents, if available.

  •          Review of previous condition studies reports or other relevant Client documents.

Examines the exterior facade including curtain wall, windows, storefronts, panels, precast granite, marble, brick, caulking, and other building elements for deterioration and performance issues.

Prepares a detailed, written, photographic report of observations.


After building envelope condition is established,

  •          Develops procedural recommendations, details, and specifications for repair/remediation.

  •          Performs bid review and contract administration for Quality assurance during the repair cycle.

  •          Provides site observations and written photographic reports.

Field testing Services

Summit Façade provides air infiltration and water penetration resistance testing, for both on-site building facade mock-ups and facade systems in their final, installed state on a building. We also perform diagnostic water leak investigations using industry standard field-testing protocols. This testing can be enhanced by the use of infrared thermography for nondestructive detection of air/water/vapor/thermal barrier continuity.

Field tests offered include:

  •          Air infiltration tests per AAMA 502/ASTM E 783

  •          Water penetration tests per AAMA 501.2, "field hose test"

  •          Water penetration tests per AAMA 502 and 503/ASTM E 1105 with static and/or cyclic air pressure differential, "field chamber test"

  •          Water leak investigations using hose and soaker-bar, with or without air pressure differential

Site observation Services

Summit Facade performs site observations during construction as a quality assurance measure.

  •          Attends preconstruction Coordination Meetings with building enclosure subcontractors prior to start of building envelope installation.

  •          Observes installation of building enclosure systems, and prepare detailed reports addressing conformance with the Architect's design intent, Subcontractor submittals, and Manufacturer recommendations.

  •          Maintains an on-going list of deficiencies.

  •          Provides field testing services, or witness testing provided by others, and prepare detailed photographic reports documenting test protocol and test results.

Recladding and Remediation

Summit Facade applies its full complement of design consulting, detailing, and technical specification writing services for remediation or full replacement of exterior facades, roofing and waterproofing systems. Our remedial/recladding experience encompasses historic preservation, curtain wall system repairs, window replacement, skylight repairs, masonry repairs or replacement, EIFS repair or replacement, stone anchor redesign & engineering, and sealant restoration/replacement for private, public, and institutionally-owned buildings.

  •          Preliminary investigation and testing of existing systems and building structure prior to execution of remediation or recladding design

  •          Review of architect's design documents

  •          Review of exterior window washing attachment to the facade

  •          Thermal analysis of exterior facade or roof systems

  •          Evaluation and recommendation of materials and finished, system type/design theory, sealants and code requirements

  •          Detail development and drafting for incorporation into design documents

  •          Preparation of bid documents, and analysis of bid packages after bidding

  •          Review and comment on procedures and construction sequencing

  •          Review of subcontractor shop drawings and technical submittals for conformance with design intent

  •          Observation of repairs or new system installation, including reporting

  •          Field testing for structural performance, resistance to water penetration, and air infiltration

CFD Analysis

Summit Facade can perform internal and external Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analyses to check air pressure, velocity and temperature (internal) distribution inside the building areas or along the building perimeter. At a selected slice selection frame, contour bands and vectors can be plotted to visualize the selected parameter variation or flow

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